Interview with Nirav Hiingu
interview with nirav hiingu

Interview with Nirav Hiingu

“Awake Arise and Do not stop – until you achieve your target.”

– Swamy Vivekananda

Hey guys this is Prabhakar Alok and I am the founder of StartupMedias.

Today We have Hand writing specialist Nirav Hiingu founder and CEO of Nirav Hiingu.

He is a Professional Blogger, Numerologist, Graphologist, Signature Reader, Logo Analyst and Face Reader from Mumbai.

So, lets know more about him in this Interview with Prabhakar Session.

interview with nirav hiingu

Q1. Please introduce yourself to the readers

NIRAV HIINGU, a Professional Blogger, Numerologist, Graphologist, Signature Reader, Logo Analyst and Face Reader from Mumbai.

MBA in Marketing having decades of experience in Sales and Marketing.

A full-time Business and Life Coach working on increasing the human working potential through the human subconscious mind and various other tools such as Handwriting Analysis, Yoga, Psychic Powers, Visualization etc.

He also conducts Seminars/workshops for educational institutions and corporates. He has clients across INDIA ranging from different streams of Real Estate, Education, Consultants etc.

Q2. Tell us about your startup

My StartUp’s name is my name itself- Nirav Hiingu. I believe in personal branding. After going through many Management Gurus’ books, lectures, I got a firm belief in Personal Branding, hence promoting my brand as my Company’s Name.

My Company ‘NIRAV HIINGU’ is into Training and Consulting business wherein I train individuals and startups in their businesses on various aspects such as Branding, Strategy making, Logo Designing and Analysis, Recruitment & formulating HR policies, Sales and Marketing.

Designing and Branding the Company Names, Products and the Brand Name is based on my knowledge of the Science of Numbers, Color Psychology and Handwriting Science.

We help StartUps with balancing their space energies whether its Commercial Space/Office as per the Science of Architecture better known as Vastu Shastra.

We are more into the Occult Science which helps in balancing the internal and external energies of the Space, no matter whatever you call it – the Cosmos consists of both positive and negative which create the equilibrium in between the humans hence we attract and repel against the specific company, people and relations that is because of the cosmic energy ( AURA) that work behind us 24 X 7 – 365 Days.

Our aim is to provide insight into this ocean of knowledge through the Scientific Manner because these modalities are considered the Black Magic by many Scholars ( Which is Not the truth ) hence to spread awareness among the masses,l have also created a WordPress Blog – ‘occultspeak’ which impart practical and real knowledge of occult studies to the people across the globe. 

Q3. Please share the interesting experience of your journey

I am from a Spiritual Background, born in a middle-class Gujrati family who believes in up-bringing children with simple  living with high thinking. Blessed by the spiritual gurus in early childhood, I was fortunate to meet Highly Elevated Yogis of the Himalayas and Occult Experts. 

My parents got spiritual initiation (Diksha) from those Spiritual Mentors.

I also started following the same path of  daily meditation, prayer and learning the mystic behind this cosmos through our spiritual master.

We lived in a small room of 100 sq ft in Worli, Mumbai where my father used to struggle for his bread and butter and my mother although a certified Doctor was not allowed to practise as instructed by her in-laws.

After coming in contact with spiritual masters, I used to get different experiences, spiritual plus material gains and by the time I reached  high school, my father also gained financial prosperity due to certain spiritual practises instructed by the gurus. This strengthened my faith in spiritual and occult science as I saw how a common man could climb success through Occult Science.

But as I grew, my master took MahaSamadhi and I felt alone. I started my journey searching for a monk (along with my Schooling and Graduation). I acquired insight as to how this cosmos is affected by 9 planets and how to deal with the negative effects.

During my journey to find knowledge and true guru, I met many Himachali Monks, sat at their feet and learnt whatever they taught me (I usually took 2-months gap from studies and job to visit monks.)

Although it wasn’t very easy to leave the house and move to hilly areas, I felt ill (from 1996 -2007) and suffered from chronic brain disease where I had lost my memory for a few days. Despite the best of treatment, my studies got affected but my firmness to learn Occult  did not fade.

Then came another milestone of my  journey, when I learnt Graphology (although previously, I was practising Signature Analysis, learning from books from College time). I received comprehensive  training and learning this  amazing science of Handwriting which I cubed with Numerology and found stunning results while  giving FREE Consultation to relatives and friends. Hence after 6 years of practising occult studies, I started Full-Time Business in training in this area and imparting knowledge.

I remember, once I was in Navsari with one Monk from Mumbai who had a very  high level of occult science gyan. Suddenly during our conversation, it started raining and our car got stuck in between. I was worried and asked the Monk- now how we will go to Navsari Jungle ( we were travelling in search of Kali Haldi and other herbs)  then he recited a few Vedic mantras and surprisingly the rainfall stopped.

I remember one more incident in Nasik two year back.  I took one monk from Gujarat to Nasik where  we met a guy whose 3rd Eye was active and was able to see the Past and was able to do mind-reading very well. When we met him, to test his power, I took my talisman ( Tabeej ) and asked him, what does it contain? He took in his hand and told me  what exact yantra was secured in that taweez. Many secretive talks happened between us and I was fortunate to receive some tricks of Numerology as this saint’s blessings.

During my Occult journey, I have also failed miserably 3 times in my startups which had broken me from inside and felt I do not have any skills for entrepreneurship but the moral support from family was so strong and my monks gave me the courage to move ahead.

Finally I Met my 3rd Failure by launching my Dream of starting my own Pharma Marketing Company but I did not give up and kept moving ahead and I started again with one more Consulting Business, with full faith in my in-built skills of solving complex issues through occult studies which I gave name to this company as Nirav Hiingu. I have also started a blog to make my readers and like-minded people understand this great science of cosmos.

My motivation

Swami Vivekananda’s book on ‘Advait Vedant Darshan’, his Autobiography and his vision gave me strength to face any type of issue in my life, Hence after going through his life and Vedic literature, I  realized that Nothing is Impossible at least in this Universe by Occult Science, as this science has so much potential to convert rags into riches.

Whenever I get demotivated, I ask myself what is the reason for this thought, let’s move on, the almighty and my guru Shri Chandra Bhagwan has written something different for me. Do not dwell with negative thoughts and Be your own Master of Faith.

I always remember- Golden words of Swami Vivekananda

“Awake Arise and Do not stop – until you achieve your target.”

Difficulties faced:

My biggest difficulty and worst phase of my life was my ailment- Epilepsy in my childhood where I lost memory, faced severe dizziness and mental setback wherein I used to fall down suddenly and become unconscious for hours. I was on severe high doses of  antibiotics and drugs which had side effects on my lips, protruding eyes and cheekbones.

The 2nd Challenge for me was to gain practical knowledge from the monk who was an expert in this area. To gain that precious knowledge, I had to sacrifice my home and my job, Once I had put my job on stake, by absconding from work for 10 days without intimating/serving notice to my Senior, after 10 -12 year of hardship, I got few Gems from the Occult Sea which I consider only 1 % of all knowledge of this ocean.

Again, in Graphology, I was eager to learn practical aspect but nobody could teach me those secrets of this science, but it is due to my few Graphology Colleagues like Naviin Tantric and Renuka Kotian who taught me the secrets of this science. there are other colleagues as well from Delhi, Bangalore who have helped me in polishing and upgrading my skills.

I used to go to graphology meetings, workshops and learn practical aspects. I am also the Co-Founder and Ex-Secretary of Mumbai Graphology Society, better known as MGS but after 2 years of establishment, I had to quit this society because of difference of opinions among committee members and I started my path of teaching this amazing science.

Lessons learned

Be your teacher, Be your mentor and people around you won’t help in upgrading you. Instead they will judge you based on your current situation. Better do not expect anything from people and take your own decisions with high risk because you have nothing to lose. 

I remember Swami Vivekananda Quotes – “If you win this Race of Life, you will gain. But if you lose then also you will gain Rich Experience and this will enable you to guide someone on this path.”

Your Inspiring / Motivational Quotes

Without Renunciation and Sacrifice, you won’t get Self Realization (Samadhi)

Swami Vivekananda

Man is the Architect of its Faith. (Bhagya)

Swami Vivekananda

To Get Real Friends and Unconditional Love is extremely rare in Today’s Era

Nirav Hiingu

The Truth is like the Sun standing behind the cloud, it can hide for few minutes and hours but it will reveal its identity and people will get to know about the ultimate truth – because it cannot get hidden by false allegations.

Q4. A last your Message for the future legends.

Do not wait for the Best time to Come, and don’t wait for help from the parents and friends, create your path, be your architect. Take high Risk, if succeeded you will be the Leader, if Failed – you will be the Mentors, in both conditions you will gain momentum.

Be your own Teacher – “Aapo Devo Bhavah” Let spread the light of Knowledge. (Apni Roshni Se Duniya ho Roshan Karo)

Q5. Any Interesting Story do You Want to Share with Us

Well, I have many stories of life which might seem to be imaginary/fake but it is as true as God. Once I was with my parents at Hotel Sun and Sand, Juhu in Mumbai, our spiritual master was sitting in front of us. One of his disciples was sad as she had lost her watch, Master got to know about her thoughts, He immediately took her lost watch from the sand itself and handed it over to her.

I learnt Hypnosis from my mentor at the age of 16, wherein whenever I  Hypnotised people, they would go into deep trance as if dead (at that tender age, I used to get scared to hypnotise people because of my scary experiences).

I remember I learnt Pranic Healing from the same mentor- Mr.Vijaykumar Sir. In those times,(1996-1998) people barely knew about Kul Kundalini and Reiki and Pranic healing.

I picked this modality so fast that people used to get healed faster than medicines, Even few patients from Dubai and other states used to come for healing ( I  never charged for healing). 

Once, I remember, my cousin fell down and his arm was broken, he had applied turmeric (Haldi paste) on his arm and called me if I can help in healing the swelling and pain. I started the Healing from my home and within 2 minutes on Telephonic – he told swelling and pain  disappeared and all turmeric paste had fallen from the arm. 

After Reading, Patanjali Yoga Shastra , wherein one script (Sloka)- Rishi Patanjali says, One who obeys the Truth in Mansa, Vacha, Karmana for 12 years then one will bless with Vaak Siddhi (Whatever he says will come true in any situation).  I read this sloka in college days, I immediately started applying this principle and believe me, in 2 years , I got Vaak Siddhi and whatever I used to think and speak would become real. This is the power of Truth because the almighty is always with those people who speak the truth.

I will share one experience of my Palmistry from College times ( in those days I used to read lots of books on Palmistry) ,one of the relatives came home and showed his palm to me and asked about the children, I randomly peeped into his Marriage lines in Mercury Mount and depicted that that person has 2 daughters ( he was a lair, said he was childless) when I told him the truth/fact , he ran away.

One more incident from Palmistry Science, my Cousin Manoj came to me and asked me to tell  his Marriage Date from seeing his Palm, I took his hand and started calculating the formula of predicting the exact date from palmistry (from lines on Mount of Mercury and Heart Lines) and when I predicted the date he got married, he felt shocked as How the Palmistry can be so Accurate?

Another interesting incident of 2 years back, when I was working with my Pharma Marketing Profile, I was waiting outside the Hospital in SakiNaka, Mumbai. My friend and pharma colleague Mr Vasiq was with me as we were waiting for the client to meet. 

One of his friends came and told me to say something about his behaviour. I took his scribbling signature and gave in-depth analysis as to how he thinks for his wife, How his father looks like, What is the behaviour pattern of his Mother-In-Law etc. He was so amazed by the analysis that he touched my foot on the road- saying – “Aapne jo Kuch bhi bataya bhaiya Shat Prashisat Sahi tha”. 

In my College times, I used to do lots of Tratak kriya (Yogic Exercise) due to this hardcore practice up to 8 months to 1 year, I developed psychic power of influencing the people even without speaking the word or having a conversation.

Once for testing my psychic powers, I was roaming near my house and saw one man ahead of me and I focussed my gaze on his neck from the back and started influencing him to turn back and say Hello to me and it happened with a smile. I was taken aback by my own psychic powers developed by Tratak Kriya.

PS: This Yogic kriya has its side effects. I have lost lubrication in my eyes and now I hardly blink once in 3-5 minutes, on a conscious level. People (especially – opposite gender sometimes feel intruding and uncomfortable due to my eyesight because of Tratak Kriya).

Hence, do not follow those kriyas without mentorship from experienced sadhak or Yogi. 

I feel I have not wasted and lived Life like normal people do, going to college, having a girlfriend, making money, hanging with friends, OR thinking of StartUp and creating wealth. My whole focus from childhood ( and still it is the same ) was only gaining Spiritual Knowledge.

Sometimes, (Especially in those ’90s) I was thinking, I am not a normal child. Yes, I still feel I am Abnormal Because Your Education has nothing to do with your growth. Here, by Abnormal People I mean to say (Ziddi) only those who are Persistent, create History.

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