Interview With Roshan Samuel Ambler
Interview with roshan samuel ambler

Interview With Roshan Samuel Ambler

Hello everyone. Good Morning.

I hope you all guys are fine and doing great in your personal and professional life.

Today we have Roshan Samuel from Mumbai. Now you guys must have thought that who is Roshan Samuel.

Let me introduce with you guys.

Who is Roshan Samuel Ambler?

Roshan Samuel Ambler, aka SEO King, nicknamed by his clients.

He is a digital marketer by profession with over 7 years of experience and SEO being his core expertise. He hails from Mumbai and he runs a digital marketing agency named GOLEAD DIGITAL.

Lets read more about him and start the interview session with Prabhakar Alok.

Interview with roshan samuel ambler

Q.1. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, this is Roshan Samuel Ambler, aka SEO King, nicknamed by my clients. I’m a digital marketer by profession with over 7 years of experience and SEO being my core expertise.

Have prior 3 years of experience into sales and marketing.

I had quit my full-time job in May 2018, and currently focusing on my digital firm Go Lead Digital

And a part-time blogger at SEO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. I also provide strategy consultation.

I’m the community manager for below listed Facebook groups:

1) Digital Questions and Answers by Sorav Jain

2) Digital Marketing Group by Laptop Lifestylers and Answers by Rajat Ghai

3) Indian Digital Club by Snehal Chandak

I live and breathe digital marketing.

Q.2. Roshan, Please let us know about your company.

Go Lead Digital is the thought of two people sharing years of bonding and then landing on a common ground to showcase their different skill set and knowledge.

A good friend is all it takes to build a gratifying entity.

We are evolving fast, bridging the gap between all platforms, and going from website builder to holistic digital marketing agency.

Being born and raised in Mumbai has leaded us to set the stage straight in this Digital World.

Our journey started in December 2017 — one year ago with the establishment of the company.

Since then, we have followed an aggressive schedule, partnering with like minded individuals and agencies, and quadrupling the size of our team.

Thanks to our trusted clients, partners, colleagues , family and friends; we’ve built a lot of great relationships, and we’re looking forward to strengthening them even further.

Our clients are more than just clients, they are family for us.

The relationships our company has built and will continue to build with each of our clients will always be our number one motivation for success.

We have always been focused on two things: quality and trust. We have stayed true to this goal throughout our third year in business.

In the past months, we have been working persistently on our next major milestone.

Q.3. Please share the interesting experience of your journey.

I’m smart (fun fact), I have always been an average student in the class. But during my HSC (Commerce + IT) days, I received a scholarship from my church, and I start putting extra efforts to do justice to my learning.

I broke the curve in my exams in 11th standard. I got another scholarship for 12th standard.

I won’t say what I scored, but I was projected to reach an excellent score. I’m adamant, after dropping my 1st year in college (BMS at Chetana’s Institutes of Management & Research).

I pursued sales and marketing jobs, to support my family. I grabbed every opportunity to learn and take additional responsibilities.

With the struggle of 3+ years, I finally got an opportunity to work in the field web designing. I took on the job and responsibility.

Within a year, I was heading the web development team and slowly leaning towards digital marketing through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

I self-learned SEO and took one independent SEO project as a challenge. I carefully created an effective SEO strategy in place, focusing on increasing targeted traffic.

And after duration of fewer than six months, I was able to 3x the amount of website traffic and 5x the amount of online leads.

The same client gave us almost ten confirmed referral SEO clients.

I want this kind of results I want to achieve for all of our clients at my firm (Go Lead Digital) I’m a critical thinker, thinking faster is not a recipe for success, especially in business-critical situations where quality is of utmost importance.

That said, productive, logical and creative thinking is crucial to solving problems in a faster and more efficient manner.

There were these two projects one was where I was executing a 360 digital marketing for an international event to generate 5000 leads, and two where we were dealing with one of the top retail e-commerce chains that had to acquire the first exposure for their brand.

Both the project success gave me the nickname ‘SEO King.’

Till date I haven’t done any digital courses, all the things I learned was through online and following experienced digital marketers around the globe.

I started a Blogger (Blogspot) personal blog. It was just an idea to help me and others in the SEO industry by sharing the knowledge and insights.

I always suggest of this practical learning concept to all the SEO newbies who approaches me.

It helps you focus, improve your skills and eventually grow your knowledge in whichever industry you want to target to (SEO, tech and gadgets, movie reviews etc)

After targeting few targeted keywords related to SEO freelance, SEO consultant, SEO expert in Mumbai, I started getting few good digital marketing projects

I was working more than 90 hours a week between both jobs, no work-life balance, and I no longer needed the financial support of the full time job.

It was hard for me to take the startup jump but eventually I did it with my close friend and now business partner Sunderbharathi Reddiar.

I think it’s more about mental preparation than anything else. Obviously, once you start -you will work hard but businesses are unpredictable.

While growing our business we had little to no financial support and a very little positive advice given to us so we’ve had to learn a lot through experience.

The most important things I’ve learnt so far are to:

  • Use all social media channels
  • Have an informative website
  • Charge what you’re worth,
  • Give the service you’d expect to receive,
  • Remember you can’t please everyone, be reliable and consistent, record everything in writing, and invoice for EVERYTHING!

Initially, there would be no hands off from your creative business.

If you’re not the one doing the work, then you’re still the one looking for clients, managing existing clients, making sure there is enough work to justify keeping staff, approving work and giving feedback, and a million other things.

There is no hands off, your hands are just doing other things.

We’re about the little guy helping the little guy. #StartUps

Naturally, our business is getting positively impacted, not just from added revenue from the digital side, but we also become a lucrative option for any client to see how seamlessly we understand the brand as well as the medium.

We eventually scaled up our business, and here are 3 ways we were do it properly:

  1. Adding new services to cater to your clients
  2. Expansion of team, and creating a backup for each department
  3. Providing cost-effective services to your clients

Take a glimpse of things we achieved in this span of time –

– Team of 5+ talented marketers and an army of freelancers/agency partners.

– Worked with 50+ clients; for the past two years, 80% of clients have renewed their retainer beyond the original six or 12-month commitment.

– The average retainer has increased by 30% over the past two years.

– Working not only with B2C but B2B tech clients too.

– The ‘go-to’ agency for trusted digital marketing services.

Q.4. What motivation or Inspirational quotes you like the most Roshan?

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much ~ Helen Keller

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become ~ Steve Jobs

Going above and beyond involves making customers “feel special” and helping them out even when it may not make sense ~ Neil Patel

The only fashion that never fades: Digital Marketing ~ Sorav Jain

And my all time favorite: Hustle…Loyalty and Respect by John Cena.

These 3 words aren’t just a catchy phrase for a T-Shirt, it’s my life mantra.

Q.5. What message you want to give for our future marketers?

If I could give some piece of advice to anyone whether they’re an entrepreneur or a marketer, is to have a positive mindset.

Whether there’s a good or bad situation, life goes on. Trust yourself, take risks, be focused on what you want to achieve and plan accordingly.

Don’t forget to take consideration of your current situation family, work, finance, etc. which I feel most people fail to analyse before starting anything.

That’s All. Thanks for such an Interesting Story Roshan.

Keep share folks.

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